Saturday, September 26, 2009



Friday, September 25, 2009

new day.

Waking up to my dog's non stop barking was not how i wanted to wake up the day after my school social where i managed to fall asleep whilst still in my dress and shoes. It was a messy night to say the least; but theres one thing i do know, that my year sure does know how to 'get on it'
i feel a sense of pride in belonging to my year group now, ahaha. I think its great seeing fellow school mates outside of their school domain and i got to talk to people i wouldnt usually end up starting a conversation with at school.
Oh, it was held at Kudu Bar and Lounge in Kings Cross, its quite a nice little place :) and the bar men were babes, always a plus i think.
Here's some pictures to give you a little bit of an insight into the night, sadly we didnt take any proper group pre's photos which my mother will be less than happy about.
Just came to give a little bit of an update as im extremely hungover and ready to have a massive nap

we're tools (pun intended)- thats infront of the tool shed btw


Thursday, September 24, 2009

She's so...

What? She's so what? I've collected a few pictures off blogs and facebook accounts (yes I am a massive stalker) of girls that I think have a certain something about them, that is quite excellent. So here we gooo...




Jaimee. Chloe. Lucy. Bianca.






Yes, I do know them all. <3

I'mma let you finish.

So I'm sure everyone is aware of the 2009 VMA'S Taylor Swift/Kanye West fiaso. Now we can argue all day about how we feel about it. But generally he was just being a rude asshole. Obama even stated in an interview that he though Kanye was a "jackass".

The one good thing about this event is all the hilarious jokes. I recently discovered blog dedicated to posts filled with jokes about this, so I highly reccomend everyone check it out. It's at

Another big even was yesterday in Sydney, a massive dust stormed attacked and had all the hardcore Christians thinking that there was an apocolypse. I switched on to facebook and saw one of my boyfriend's mates had merged these two newslines into one another with: 'Yo Sydney, I'mma let you finish, but Mars has one of the best dust storms in the world'

Pure brilliance.

Alisha xo.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

wish i could speak french.


My exams are finally over, now i have a week to unwind and do nothing before holidays.
oh i also have my "school" social on thursday which should be interesting, i bought a different dress to what i planned but i still like it :)

Saturday, September 19, 2009

blisters and adventures.

So today was the COFA (College of the Fine Arts) Spring Fair - it was great, well what i saw of it anyway. Due to my bad sense of direction and horrible management with time i was late and managed to get me and Claire on the wrong bus, thus having to walk through and try to find our ways through the inner back streets of Wollarah/Paddington and make it onto Oxford Street. 
We can both confidently say that we're never getting lost together again, team for disaster but a few blisters on my behalf and a lot of "i hate you for getting us lost's" we made it there and left Vanessa to fend for herself for the hour or so we were overtime; also both of us having no credit made it extremely difficult to find Vanessa and spent majority of the time doing that.
The stalls were selling such amazing little cute things and i wish that i could have stopped to really have a browse through and take a tour instead of us 3 relying upon our own direction to make our way around the school which didnt prove so effective.
Vanessa & Claire.

HOW AMAZING IS THIS PAINTING, i'm really in love.

I'd also like to thank Melanie Boreham who is a student at COFA currently doing her Masters degree for showing us her workspace and letting us a little bit into her world, although artists' secrets are never revealed haha; also the following pictures from Melanies workspace are taken by Vanessa- check out her blog The Monday Issue (they even have their own song- special, ahah)

After this, I was due to meet Alisha at Bondi Junction to head to Sandringham Hotel in Newtown to see her boyfriend's band play - Pixilated Pirates, check it out and head to a gig the live shows are so good.

ALSO! the reason i was late to meet Claire was because i got sidetracked in Vinnies (thrift store) and bought two new pairs of shoes, so excited.
welcome to the family.
i'm thinking of putting some studding on the boots but have to sort out composition and such first

what an exciting post :D
also, note the change in font haha

Friday, September 18, 2009


i'm so glad its friday, words cannot describe.
worst day of exams over; maths+earth and environmental science so relived now only modern history and art to go next week mon-tuesday
then ... FREEDOM :D im highly looking forward to it.
My mum and brother also go to Japan on the 31st for the whole holidays; ill miss mum a fair bit tbh but i didnt want to go away these holidays so dads staying home with me and hes always working and hands out the cash to me willingly so i guess these holidays are looking pretty sweet apart from the fact i quit my job so now i really am broke.

i've also been collecting a very large amount of great photos lately, more from an artistic point of view though so expect a collation of pictures over the next few weeks. It's so hard chosing the first one, but i feel quite strongly about this photo at the moment.
the purity and sense of serene calm is just so settling, especially after my brain drain of a day- i also love the composition the photographer has used.

and this is my happiness after school, getting a free supersize chai latte from my former job, mm i can still smell the sweet scent of cinnamon in my room whilst listening to Regina Spektor; this is the life.

ps, im still listing ebay items every few weeks so check it out; current items bidding out in two hours. shame i never got to wear those dresses: Whitelines+Redlights


Monday, September 14, 2009


I finally figured out how to use the page counter, how technologically slow of me. So we're starting at zero although very behind in views since this blog started many months ago it will have to do :)
My preliminary trial exams start on wednesday and i'm so unprepared I might as well go in there blindfolded so I thought that i'd procrastinate instead by doing a little update.
I also started a Polyvore account so posting "wishlist" outfits will be much easier, yay for convient things! and the page has alsot gotten a little update, so if things arent working properly or looking a bit odd i'll be on to fixing them as soon as i can

and everyone needs a little shoe porn.


Saturday, September 5, 2009

leather bodysuit.



Tuesday, September 1, 2009

contact me;


I would sell my soul for these boots.
sadly, having an inconsistant job with Schoolies, Soundwave and many paybacks to my mother
the odds are zero to none