Monday, November 16, 2009

Hey sexy lady, I like your flow.

Why won't somebody sing that to me? I seem to always be the one delivering that lyric....

I'm being a massive creep sitting at my laptop listening to my "chill" playlist and craving a good shopping day... I don't know why this makes me a creep, I guess it just makes me a girl with no social life? It kind of sucks being on holidays, but not really. After tomorrow (my music college's showcase) I will be though. And the after party will be rocking... TIME TO GET MESSY.

But for now it's just resting up and making sure I pack everything for tomorrow's long, loonng day. Atleast I'm only playing in the Matinee show though, unlike my boyfriend who is playing in both the Matinee and Night shows. He will be well and truely pooped by the end of it all. I will have to buy him a drink to reward his wonderful efforts (pretty much the best girlfriend ever)

And while we're on the subject of boyfriends, what does everyone think of this as a christmas pressie for him. Versace Men Cologne (smells like heaven) and some kind of book. Not sure what book to get him yet, my good friend Joel and I were planning a day of scavenging through a second-hand book store to find some interesting reads for him.

He mentioned to me the other night that he was thinking of buying me all the Skins seasons on DVD, but I think that's just so he can borrow them... forever. But I do like a good teen drama show.

Love Alisha <3

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