Friday, July 24, 2009

Turn the pages.

But don't close the book..

One of my favourite sayings at the moment, as it stroke some thought into my mind the other night while I was contemplating life.. as you do.

So I'm sick once again, had an awesome weekend out planned starting with some partying at Hot Damn last night with my boyfriend and some other friends. But instead I stayed up watching Dexter Season 3 and wishing I was out.

AND my boyfriend got hit on by some minging slut.. excuse my language, made me wish I was there more to rub it in her face that he's taken, ha.

Day 2 of my awesome weekend was going to be myself attending my boyfriend's band Arcaien's gig at Candy's Apartment in Kings Cross. Quite annoyed that I have to miss that aswell, although he did come over for a couple of hours with chocolate and cuddles <3

DAY 3.. which still could happen guys! Liam's 20th birthday celebration at Strawberry Hills Hotel in Surry Hills, hopefully Nadia and myself will get OFFTAP on some $2.50 beers.. always love a chance to dress up all spiffy.

Speaking of dressing up, I also have a few purchases to share, 2 from ebay and a scarf on the way (please excuse my shitty Photoshop skills) Plus a new pair of heels, ooooh life is good.

That's all I've got to say... OH AND EVERYONE BUY DEMI LOVATO'S NEW ALBUM "HERE WE GO AGAIN" It's rad and I can't stop listening to it.

Alisha xo.

Thursday, July 23, 2009


Sadly, holidays are nearly over and i'm yet to even hardly started the load of assignments and work I had been assigned. Even though being home-bound for manymany days with lovely broncitis, it still hasn't made me want to work or do anything productive in particular; waking up at 1pm everyday and seeing the day turn into afternoon almost instantly makes me think about how many days i've wasted due to my strange holiday sleeping patterns.
I have'nt posted in a while and have bought/recieved off ebay a few things over the course of this time.
I seem to have a big thing for scarves right now, which comes in handy being winter and all i think :)
Off ebay i bought the 2 scarves: pashmina cream beige and dark green and navy have been keeping me very warm and off ebay i also got that great faux fur MinkPink vest its sososo warm and the very out there red leggings, which I'm not too sure where to wear to yet...
I also went to a thrift store the other day and came across the light demin jacket and great light beige batwinged long shirt/dress, both under $20 and my boots were an absolute steal at $20 on sale. I'm also really wanting some ankle patent leather heels with a thick base at a reasonable price, seeing as im living under the poverty line at the moment.


I wish my bank balance would magically expand so i could buy a pair of these!
Whitelines-Redlights. EBAYEBAYEBAY
adding new things all the time :)

Saturday, July 18, 2009


"Glitter on the wet streets, silver over everything"

Yoohoo.. Alisha here, it seems I only appear on here once in a lifetime. I apologise for my absence. But I've got a load of cool images I've collected over the years and I will expose 1 a week forever and ever, Amen.

In other news boyfriend's are back in, so I've jumped straight onto the bandwagon and gotten myself a shiny, brand new one <3
Just kidding.. he's amazing. But I totally did start the boyfriend trend, ha. (sarcasm)
I had completely abandoned it but have found love for it once again. With Nadia buying/selling items religiously I decided to get back into it. I now am also selling items, so be sure to check out my store. I've also recently purchased and am waiting on the arrival of a light denim jacket with paisely material patched through it, and an oversize abstract vintage patterned dress.. I am very excited.

and.... I HAVE A JOB NOW, so I'm racking in the cash as the weeks pass and will now have more money to spend, although I am trying to save so that I don't somehow slip into unknown debt, ha. Working at my father's office, TCF Services, a company which helps Designers get government grants to sell their clothing etc. Which means I get to do boring old spreadsheet, yawn, for amazing designers like Sass & Bide, Akira Isagawa, Ksubi, Colette Dinnigan, Alex Perry oh and the list goes on and on... it's pretty fun for a job, if you ask me.

Now onto music, my fav tunes right now would have to be none other than the YEAH YEAH YEAHS, with their new album It's Blitz in stores now they are more popular than ever. Their new tracks being a lot more Electro than their previous tunes, but none the less amazing. I can't stop listening to them as of late, so everyone follow my lead and put them on repeat this weekend!

That's all I've got to report for now, I'll check in soon... I promise.
Alisha <3>

Sky Ferreira, a 17 year old LA muse, recently landing herself a record deal. Check out her tunes aswell, very electro-pop. Almost Ladyhawke-esk.

Dear Santa: for Christmas this year, please grant me the wish of having hair as full as Sky's. Much love, Alisha xox

Sunday, July 5, 2009


I dont have much to report, sadly, as end of term is just a week away I have been both cramming to get all my assignments done and going out. I did get my hair cut, although it didnt turn out exactly how I wanted it to, i'm getting used to it.
Thought I would some photos from the Night Moves editorial from this months Australia Vogue, and yes, im still struggling to move away from wearing/having a preference for all things black and white.


I also have discovered my favourite male model; I think he really spices things up a bit in terms of the model industry :)
(L) Ash Stymest


okay, so I may think I have a slight problem with liking black and white too much ...