Wednesday, April 29, 2009

that time of the year.

Australian Fashion week, so exciting
And yes, I do have my religion exam tomorrow BUT i couldnt help myself but to make a quick post of what i'm really liking so far- and its only been two days i cant wait for the rest of the week.
Alpha 60
These are the designers that bought the famous River Pheonix printed shirt (pictured below)

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and they didnt disappoint with their collection either. Sure there were the usual prints by them, some of which seemed to be photocopied mugs slapped on them but there too was also wonderfully tailored mens wear, long women's skirts, beautiful knits, draped blouses and very interesting jewerelly.

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Dion Lee
My favourite designer so far has to be Dion Lee. Its hard to believe that this was his first solo show since his debut last fashion week with the Ultimo Tafe "four boys" collective. His collection of sleek, razor sharp, tricked up tailoring has put the Australia fashion world upside down with his works appearing in every magazine worth mentioning.
He showcased many full tailored body concious dresses, blazers with cut out detailing or exaggerated shoulders and super short skirts, all his pieces just as amazing as the last.

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thats all for now
...back to studying for me :(


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

unexpected treasure.

Okay, so I wasn't going to make a post today because school is tomorrow and I'm way behind on studying but I had to go out to Randwick to buy this textbook I've needed basically all term for EES (earth and environmental science) but have been to lazy to go get it and now the exam is next Monday in hindsight I should have acted quicker.
While I was waiting for the bus, I popped in to the thrift store just next to the bus stop and there they were: the perfect boots I've been waiting for :D so excited- real leather and arent actually as blue as shown in picture.
AND THEY WERE ONLY $10, what a bargain- and i was going to spend $167 on a pair of first hand ones pffff.
I should probably include an outfit post of what I wore today- nothing exciting, just keeping it simple.
Leggings, long white singlet, leather jacket, black beret, necklace and oxfords.

and... I bought the yummiest toasted focaccia from up the road at KrazyChix, definitely shall be paying more visits there in the future. It was chicken schnitzel, mayo, avocado and cheese (this photo does it NO justice at all)


Thursday, April 23, 2009

minimal inspiration.

I'm so sorry I haven't posted anything in so long! Been heaps sidetracked with studying for half-yearly exams (ergh) with school coming up in exactly a week, not so great.
But also the fact I've been pretty uninspired/lazy and not really looking around for things to inspire me- procrastination is my best friend.
Today was Tara's birthday BBQ- HAPPY BIRTHDAY TARA! :D was heaps good to chill with people I haven't seen in ages. I have to note what Annie was wearing, the cutest thing ever:
-black 3/4 sleeve tight black shirt
-high waisted moss green velvet-y(?) skirt
-black military style jacket
-black and grey cheetah pattern chiffon scarf
SO CUTE! I wish i took a photo, but unfortunately Alisha still has my camera in her possession.

I didnt know what to put fashion wise, so here are some photo's that ive collected and think are really cute and blog-worthy:


Both these are from designers Maurie and Eve, i lovelovelove the use of chiffon and shapes these pieces make.
stella mccartney,09 winter
This is part of Stella McCartney's Winter 09 range, I usually dont take much notice of her work but these really stood out to me, the sheer materials and the COLOUR on the blue+white dress are amazing.

And who doesnt love a bit of Cobrasnake?


Sunday, April 19, 2009

A gig to remember.

A gig to remember because it was amazing aswell as hilarious.
So after arriving home from Surry Hills Festival and blogging at Nadia's yesterday I got ready and picked up by fellow classmate at JMC, Amanda.

We trekked it out to Manly Fisho's to watch our History of Pop Music teacher's band "Swivelhead" They are a sort of Alternative, Rock/Metal band with a Girl singer, but nothing like Evanescence. If any of you are familiar with Lacuna Coil, they show some similarities to them.

Unfortunately (for us) they were headlining the gig so we had to wait until around 11pm to see them play.

The other bands weren't making it much easier for us to keep our patience either, two of them being, dare I say it, "shithouse" with songs all sounding the same and just being overall not fun to listen to, aswell as them having no sense of stage movement what so ever.

We were bored to say the least, but atleast there was a bar for us to drown it in.

Finally Swivelhead came on and were absolutely mindblowing, I'm not sure if they have a myspace page or website but I will find out and post it on here along with other bands that should be checked out.

With our teacher (Clinton) on drums, his wife doing lead vocals and guitar, a 2nd or 3rd year student from JMC ever so animated on bass and a crazy lead guitarist busting out face melting solo's, they were fucking worth the wait.

After the performance we were all buzzing for our band's performances tomorrow at The Gaelic Club in Surry Hills. Hopefully we can try to match that or atleast take some of their tips and tricks and work them into our show. (Yeah Eastern Shakedown!)

Well wish me good luck and good health for tomorrow.

Alisha. <3

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Oh the Hills...

Surry Hills Festival.
Flocking to Prince Alfred Park at 10am, we were greeted with fashionfoodmusic at every corner.
We were joined by Jana, Gemma + Mary-Rose at the early hours and were inspired by our surroundings of wonderfully dressed 'beings' and a wide genre of music, so we took many photographs of those who caught our eye in particular, and items that we craved to have in our hot little hands.

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Pls buy us this whole table :D
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Mary-Rose+Gemma ^^^^^
We love Gemma's oversized jumper dress and Mary-Rose's cute high waisted belt.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
We love their outfits overall, especially the tights, oxfords and leather patterned sandals.

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We love the gold sequined shoes and leather jacket with zips and pockets.
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We love how they are all wearing boots + slouchy tee combos.
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We loved the hat and colour of the salmon dress.

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Steph+Chloe ^^^^^
An overall love is shared here.
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We loved the purple wash T-shirt/dress and the cute dorky glasses and pink scarf.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
We loved the beret's and the light blue dress, not to mention the great boots + bags.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
We loved the white dress and sunnies + (Nadia) IN LOVE WITH THOSE TAN SHOES

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We loved the high waisted plaid skirt and leather-look tights. Not to mention the funky mustard boots.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
We loved the acid wash skinny jeans.

As you can see, there were many well dressed people, and many more of which we did not manage to catch and snap!

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This is what Alisha bought today, of course with much guidence by me (aka, i had no cash)
We also had combination gozleme for lunch, twas sososo good we could eat it forever.
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Oh, we should probably include what we wore:

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Alisha: Dark blue jumpsuit, crochet light tan oversized cardigan and dark tan 'jesus' sandles (and rings)
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Nadia: Drop crotch high wasited business style pants, low lack latex black leotard, powder blue chiffon scarf, light tan vintage belt, hat and oxfords.

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this is us;
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Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Over the last 2 days I've managed to watch all of Mitchell Davis' (LiveLavaLive) videos, and can say I am officially in love with him ahah.

Currently downloading all his videos ontop my ipod, so i can take him with me everywhere :D
I'm not as creepy as I sound,
I hope.

I took my dog for a walk this afternoon, it felt pretty good. But momo(my dog) is heaps fat and lazy so the walking only lasted 15minutes.

But I thought I'd show you these (all the following from Jak+Jill fashion blog)

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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Look at those bone structures !


lets all go on a picnic

So I basically woke up about an hour ago, so much for not wasting my day.

But I felt the need to share these wonderful pictures with you
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Image and video hosting by TinyPic
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I'll most likely post another blog this later this afternoon or tonight, because im feeling generous today
But for now-
he's amazing and I want one:

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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

It's Raining Men..

Not really, but it should be, because that would be much nicer than arriving home to a flooded house. It was really the downer of the day.

But on a brighter note, Nadia bailed on me today, she was meant to join me for lunch at The Strawberry Hills Hotel in Surry Hills (aka Straubz/Strozza's)
Always good for a feed and chillout sesh with the gang after class.. and STAGECRAFT WAS CANCELLED! Hallelujah... such a stupid class.

After arriving home I had a quick nap (3 hours) and then got ready to go see Cam Nacson play at The New Orleans Cafe in Crows Nest. He played wonderfully and inspired me to start working harder on my originals and get some gigs going for myself, hopefully we can combine talents one day.

The cafe was also really cute and had extremely nice food. Mum and I both got burgers which were delish. It was a pretty nice family dinner, despite my brothers and their embarassing antics.

I guess I should tell you all what I wore;
My dad's old faded black shirt (as a dress)
Ripped black stockings
Slip on black ballet shoes
A tied black beaded necklace
A red apple necklace (from New York)
A gold/bronze patterned ring
A silver and blue/gray stoned ring (from New York)



Oh! I also dyed my hair, well Nadia did yesterday, it's like a reddy/chocolate dark brown. I love it.

I should also probably give you my insight on yesterday's shopping trip. Or I'll just tell you what I got.

A black blazer with gold buttons
A creamy/brown cardigan with pockets
A gray leotard
I also was opting for some new lace leggings but didn't get them, now I regret it. Looks like another shopping trip isn't far off.

Dale also spontaneously got his lip pierced, and it looks hot as :)

That's all for now, Alisha. <3


The weather was so nice today!
Me and Caroline were supposed to meet Alisha on her lunch break and 'dine' at the pub near her school with her JMC friends, but Caroline decided to bail on me and I didnt feel like going by myself.
I thought I was going to waste the whole day doing nothing, but opted to meet Jana to do a bit of thrift shopping and I picked up this cute blazer for $9
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I also got recognised by a mcdonalds worker as 'nadia from myspace' i guess thats cool : i didnt know who she was, oh and im never going to attempt to eat a double quarter pounder ever again- so painful
We also got Max Brennas, the guy messed up my order and gave me a lime+mint granita instead of a passionfruit+strawberry one, not cool. It tasted like i was eating a mint tree.
This is jana, she wouldnt let me take a photo of what she was wearing, but it was this cute edwardian style blouse, demin shorts and flip flops
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Image and video hosting by TinyPic
I really liked the vintage embelishment detailing ontop of the cabinets

This is what i wore today, with cream flip flops.
Leather jacket
Grey/blue singlet dress
Navy Scarf
Leather look leggings
heart pendant necklace (not pictured)

I really cant be bothered with shoes at the moment.
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+ I think i want to dye my hair redder :D