Sunday, May 31, 2009


Hey kids, so a lot has been hapenning lately as my good friends the Pixilated Pirates have been in the studio the past couple of weeks and I've been helping out/filming/taking pictures for their Myspace page and all that jazz.

It's been a hilarious past couple of weeks and I've got a snippet of what it's been like in the video below.

I'll also be posting gig dates. Speaking of, I know I said I would post more info on the gig that was to be a couple of weeks ago BUT to our surprise it wasn't infact on Foveux St. but in Glebe so we were unable to make it due to late notice and our intoxicated state. But we still managed to have a great night at the pub celebrating Rhiannon's 22nd Birthday and then stumbled back into JMC at for a late night jam.

Though I do infact have a gig date for you all...

Swivelhead are playing at Manly Fisho's once again this Saturday, the 6th of June. Doors open at 8pm and you can buy tickets there, they are only $10 so I encourage everyone who is able, to come and get off-tap with us.

JMC 2nd year band Soultwater are also playing, they have a more Coastal Chill kind of feel, but are awesome none the less and it's just another reason to come out and party with us. So see you all there!

Nadia pretty much filled you in on the Yayoi Kusama exhibition we attended yesterday, which was amazing. It gave me a lot of inspiration and restored a lot of my passion for art that had been lost since I graduated. I'm pondering on buying a huge canvas and making a repetitive pattern/collage/watercolour piece, as it was the kind of stuff that I enjoyed doing in art class. I'll let you know how that turns out.

I also got some sweet-ass buys yesterday when we went shopping. I havn't got fancy pictures so I will just list them for you:

Red Tartan mini-dress.

Black long sleeve flowing shirt.

Black long sleeve leotard.

Black low back flowing dress.

White one sleeve/off the shoulder flowing dress.

Black & White pattern high-waisted skirt.

Black & Gold shimmer tights.

Black floral pattern Blazer.

Black Harem pants.

Dark blue & White tie-dye singlet dress.

Black & Silver sequin vest.

Maybelline Liquid Mineral Foundation.

Maybelline Collossol Volum' Express Mascara.

Maybelline Superstay Lipcolour in Cherry.

As you can see it was a fabulous day of shopping, I guess it's safe to say I am a shop-o-holic, but I just can't get enough.. I blame my mother haha.

I'll catch you all on the flip-side. OH AND I GOT A NEW TATTOO.

Alisha <3

Saturday, May 30, 2009


As tired as I am at the moment, I thought it would have only been right to do a post with all these new purchases that were made today and other adventures that I've undertaken :)
This morning I woke up bright and early (8.45am, errghh!) got ready and met Ben at Maroubra Junction to give him a ticket .. in exchange for money- to the Getaway Plan/Elora Danan/The Amity Affliction gig tonight which I was unable to attend because I had to go to my brothers confirmation, very lame. I proceeded to get on a bus to meet Alisha at Circular Quay where she was 25 minutes late, but initially my fault, as i was supposed to get a replacement license at Maroubra whilst I was there but forgot to bring my proof of identification and application form (oops)
Next we went to the Museum of Contemporary Art to see the exhibition by Yayoi Kusama <-- (her website link) She's now in her 80th year and is still making art, and more specifically, covering her own world in dots. She uses repetition, pattern, and accumulation. She has long struggled with a mental illness, causing her to have hallucinations which are the basis of her art making. If your living in Sydney be sure to check out the exhibition- it ends on the 9th of June and is not one to miss- the experience is amazing.




Then we caught a train (... with much difficulty, yes this shows we are very suburban) to Bondddiiii Junction to do some much needed bonding shopping time, ahah. Got a few good buys;
-black body con dress with layered(?) material and low back
-black lace shirt
-long sleeve leotard with zippers
-grey+black vest
-white flowing singlet (not pictured)


I really do need to stop wearing so much black and grey, its so hard though :(
I also stopped over at 2 thrift shops after my school's athletics carnival on Friday and managed to snag some bargains. I bought maroon oxfords($10), a big navy blue leather bag($6) and a GOLD blazer($5)-yeah I'm pimping: I'm actually wearing all 3 items in the pictures from the gallery so you sort of have an idea of what it looks like.
On another note, WHY DOESN'T AUSTRALIA HAVE TOP SHOP YET?! It really frustrates me... a lot. I went on the website the other day and compiled a bunch of things I would love to get from there and was considering buying online but then the realisation that the Australia dollar is two times weaker than the pound my dreams were shattered. Fingers crossed that soon we catch up on this ever growing craze.


ANDDDD, yes my ebay account has been set up and I currently have two items on sale and will be adding more soon. Here's the link Whitelines-Redlights


Saturday, May 23, 2009

back to life.

Sorry for my lack of posts lately, I've been fairly ill for the last 2 weeks. Although things are beginning to look up, at least its not swine flu, ha!
With my recent burst of health I decided it was far overdue for me to go shopping for winter goodies. Today was definitely an interesting day- starting off with being followed up Hall street on Bondi beach by a mid 60yr old Italian man, not so nice and very scary. I eventually managed to maneuver to Cheap Monday and away from him with the help of Jana via phone call (thanks!) I was determined to find the perfect pair of winter jeans in Cheap Monday only to be faced with lack of stock/sizes and ill fitting jeans on my body type, epic letdown after all the hype it has been receiving. I went back to Bondi Junction and took a look in General Pants and saw the Lee 'Licks' line of jeans, and was thinking about purchasing these a few weeks back after seeing them on the Internet (good old Google) but was doubting the material. I tried on a pair of the second pair of jeans-


and they fit so well, along with the added stretch I proceeded to purchase them, at a hefty price ..for a high school student anyway, at $180 I hoped they were a good buy. Then after coming home i hopped onto the Lee Jeans website I was saddened by the fact they actually had more denim style black Licks (first picture)-argh! frustration. So I'm going to return the jeans and get a refund, hopefully the General Pants in the city stocks them :(
I also bought many other goods, my leggings collection is growing and I love it, today i bought these leggings


and another pair of my matte leggings, as my old ones started to pull and fade a fair bit.
I also bought this great black body con low back dress with fringe detail at the front and a tie dye/animal print look shirt/dress with an open criss-crossed back.



If your wondering why I have a roll of toilet paper next to my table its because when i was sick I managed to use 2boxes of tissues and whilst mum was out buying more boxes I temporarily had to use toilet paper and just ha vent been bothered to put it away.

ALSO After much pestering I managed to convince my mum to let me post my unwanted goods on ebay. But after the short initial excitement fell I was quickly informed that ebay was ruthless, making you pay from using their services down the charging of each image on your page. Not cool ebay. I'm currently in the process of weighing, photographing and taking down the details of each of the pieces so it should all be up and running in the next week or so, when its done i'll post a link on here so you can all go and buybuybuy!
I didnt take a picture of what I wore today, but I wore-
-plain black body con dress
-black stockings
-navy blue blazer
-pendant necklace
-powder blue chiffon scarf
-'the' boots

Thats all for now, wow i sound like the Warner Bros. closing credits, ahah. I'll do another post soon

Thursday, May 14, 2009


So I said in a previous post that I would tell you about this website that I had recently discovered and fell in love with, with exams over and having some extra time on my hands I thought it would be a good time to make a post and inform you about this great site. The website is called OAK <- click to go to the site, and its based in New York which is a major bummer for me, there seriously needs to be some decent priced exporting or stock lists of overseas designers in Australia. This website has collections from various designers on sale ranging from Alexander Wang to Yasuko Kurisaka, I've discovered many designers via this website which have been very inspirational but not too happy at the same time knowing I will probably never get my hands on such greats pieces. They also have some great editorial photographs on the homepage:



I'm really liking Complex Geometries and the style of clothing at the moment with the shapes, lines and shadows their clothes create appeal to me, bringing out my ever dominant artistic side.


And a girl will always have a soft spot for shoes, for me right now its these acne women suede heels!


PS. Because of my mothers recent dislike for ebay (not cool) I'm going to have a garage sale to sell all my clothes I dont wear/never worn/dont fit into anymore, any ideas of a central location? my house is in the middle of nowhere, failure. Or if anybody has to clean out their wardobe aswell and wants to have a joint one with me, let me know.
PPS. follow us: bottom of the page!


Sunday, May 10, 2009

this is my blogging face.

We hadnt made a collective post in a while, so we thought it would be a good time to make one.


So tomorrow (Monday) concludes my half yearly exam period with my english speeches, nervous as fuck seeing as public speaking is surely not my thing but what has to be done, has to be done. I'm not ready to go back to full days of classes though, hm.
During the absence of my blogging i came across this great jewerelly line by Norweigian Bjorg, its so refreshing to find such an artistic and unique promotional advertisement to showcast jewerelly.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

As she delivers her latest collection with stunning imagery that would fit right in place with a Tim Burton film Bjorg has had a diverse and creative career travelling the world and living in India for 3years. The results of this being pieces completely unique in style that is raw, innovative whilst being elegant. The combination of contrasting metals and precious stones in an industrial style, Bjorg often uses animal motifs along with poetic text that has been engraved into pendants and inscribed into the rings.

Last night me and Alisha went to Cyprus' party, twas goooooddd. Myself being housebound for the last 2 weeks, it was refreshing to see everyone and their usual state, ahah. This is what I wore:

leather jacket
scarf as headscarf
black+cream tye dye look dress
and NEW BOOTS ;)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic


Well hellooooo, I havn't made an appearance on this blog for quite some time as I've been pretty chock-a-block with my uni assessments and just being a rockstar in general haha. So you've all probably heard the stereotype that music students are always drunk or on some kind of illicit substance. Well It's not always the case but most of the time, proof in the pudding is my most recent case of liver failure - thank god it's all sorted out now though because I do enjoy to kick back at the pub after class and throw down few, as well as the weekly party and odd gig throughout the week.

Which reminds me, at our Platform & Artist Development class on Friday some second years got up and played us some tunes in their bands, one being a great acoustic duo who's name has escaped me unfortunately, but they had only been playing together 4 weeks and they were fantastic! They have a gig at a pub next thursday on Foveux St. in Surry Hills that I and many of the JMC folk will be attending so I'll post up the details later in the week if anyone wants to join us.

The second band that played were a mash-up of two bands with an interesting twist, a really funky dude who always wears sunnies and sometimes mysteriously appears in my History of Pop Music class was playing around on his laptop throwing down beats and synth loops that created the backbone of the piece. One of our teachers Branco then revealed to us that he was also a beat boxer and a rapper... what a hidden talent to have.

Well, well, well..the things you find out about people. So Nadia has already talked briefly on Cyprus' party this weekend. I decided not to get myself into the usual state of drunkeness and chilled out with our good friend Jimmy and laughed at all the drunk and high people making fools of themselves, the most memorable being a strange fella "gabbering" for a few seconds then stopping, it was hilarious and put us in tears. That pretty much sums up my night...

So this is what I wore:
strapless cream dress
black blazer
various bracelets
ripped black stockings
black wedge heels (not pictured)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Nadia & Alisha <3

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

done and dusted.

It's all over and done.
Rosemount Australian Fashion Week, the one day in the year Australian designers have the chance to showcase their colletions to national and international audiences and industry members. I should have posted this earlier, buuuutttt I'm still in the middle of my exams so i'm a little all over the place + i have tomorrow off which is excellent- sleeping in sounds like the plan.
I'm going to show you a few pieces and designers I particulary liked, but overall I think it was a bit of a letdown. There was not alot of real high quality looking pieces and most were from affordable designers which I can easily purchase from my local General Pants store, I mean affordability is great- but I wanted fashion week to be about extravagent prices and really well made clothes from high quality materials.

All the rage about the Romance Was Born show made me excited to view the footage and photos, but apart from being artistic, the clothes were very unwearable and we'rent to my fancy at all. There was only one dress in the whole collection which caught my eye, it was this:


Magdelena Velenska
This is the first time I had seen this designers work, and although most of the collection wasnt to my taste, there was two dresses which I really liked for their lines and how they are coloured with urban, clean, and refined attributes, the collection depicts on a new age of modernism and curiosity. Taking direction from Romanesque draping and combining this element with strong shouldered 40’s silhouettes.

“I felt like there was a small gap in the market for well made, fashion forward clothing. Clothing that came out of a label that created its own trends yet refreshed its image each season – as we see in many of the international design houses.” This is another brand I had yet seen, which tells me I really should pay for attention to my own countries up and coming designers because Ellery creates some really nice pieces, but I think they try to hard to be like Balmain.

Photobucket Photobucket

Camilla and Marc
I'm not usually a big fan of Camilla and Marc, their collections always seem to clean cut for me. But they produced some some of the best looks for the week in my opinion. From little black body-con dresses, ripped demin jeans and shoulder defined blazers- these three looks seem to be re-occuring in many collections this season, also many cut out pieces and dresses -it does seem to be reminiscent of Balmain... yet again, but Camilla and Marc seem to pull it off somehow.
Photobucket Photobucket
Other designers who had a few nice pieces are:
Karla Spetic
Bec and Bridge
Ginger and Smart
I didnt want to make this tooooo long and jam-packed. But I shall be posting soon, to tell you all about this amazing website I have recently discovered and fallen in love with.